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A British company, headquartered in NELSOn, Lancashire

about globe
Sold in over 60 countries worldwide with offices in europe (AQUAPAc europe SAS)

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Aquapac USA LLC in Florida with distribution in ny

about leading light
leading light in waterproof cases for 40 years in 2023
about truck
over 5-million sold

about queens award
honoured with no less than 3 queen’s awards: Export, innovation and enterprise

“ Aquapacs are for active people enjoying the outdoors and for professionals in challenging situations
who all need to safeguard their valuables and keep their equipment fully operational.”

We create functional, protective solutions with practical carrying systems by using innovative design with sustainability built into the product life and into the manufacturing processes and materials.

We want to empower people to immerse themselves worry free in their activities wherever they go.

Our products are used by hikers, mountain climbers, holiday makers and water sports enthusiasts. Aquapacs are also used by Search & Rescue and Emergency Services, Coast Guards, Lifeguards, Forestry managers, Shipping companies and by many other outdoor workers all over the world.

We have supplied some of the leading companies and organisations in the world with bespoke products: Nokia, Sony, Jaguar, Range Rover, the Winter Olympic Games, the Royal Navy, the US Coast Guard and many others.

Our mission is simple: design and manufacture high quality products. We don’t cut corners as people deserve top-notch gear to protect their equipment. Our submersible cases are all made in our own factory. We design and sub contract the manufacturing of our back packs, day sacks and other splashproof products to trusted suppliers in the Far East who have proven records in these fields.

We look to offset our environmental impact every year in everything we do. We love nature, the great outdoors and we all have a role to play to maintain it.

We aim to treat you the way we’d like to be treated ourselves. Our customer service team has a simple mandate – to make you a happy customer who’ll come back for more.