It’s easy and free to join our Affiliate programme.

If you have a blog, website or social media followers, you could start earning money within days!

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Use one of our banners, or make your own

We pay an amazing rate of 10% (ex tax, ex shipping) to you on all qualifying purchases made by customers referred from your site, if they purchase within 14 days of that referral.   You can link to individual Aquapac products, our ranges, or our whole site, and use text-links, pictures or banner ads. It’s your choice!   Just register below, and if we approve your account, you’ll get access to your very own affiliate links, and our fully-automated tracking system that records all customer purchases sent by your site.

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There’s no catch! You can publish as many links as you like, and opt out at any time. There’s no cost to you. Read the full Terms and Conditions here.

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Frequently asked questions

Firstly, think about which page or product you’d like to direct your readers to. It could be an individual product, a range, or our store homepage for example. Go to that page and copy the URL from your browser’s address bar. It’s the address for that particular page; here’s an example highlighted in yellow:


Then use our special tool (which can only be seen by registered Affiliates) to create your own bespoke URL to use as a link from your own site. You can link from a piece of text or picture.  

Think about what your customers would want to see. If you’re just placing a banner advert on your site, then a link to our store homepage might be fine. But if you’re talking about a particular type of product, e.g. phone cases or drybags, then link to that range. If you’re doing a review, link directly to the product you’re reviewing. People don’t want to have to search for products if they aren’t expecting to.  

Is linking to a product better than linking to the homepage?

Generally speaking, yes. People are more likely to click from a recommendation than an advert, so picking a range or products can make that recommendation seem more authentic.  

Yes. Just use the bespoke URL you created as a link from any text on your website.  

Yes. We’ve created some simple banners to get you started. You are also welcome to use any pictures from our website with links to that product/range or our shop.  

When and how do I get paid?

That depends on how many customers come through from your site and make purchases. We will aim to pay at least every 6 months, but if we see more customers coming through on your account, we’ll pay more often. We pay via paypal, so make your “payment address” you paypal address.  

How do I know I’m being paid enough?

The whole system is automated at our end. We use a system called AffiliateWP, which tracks your account, any orders made using your bespoke links, and stores credit information.  

How long does a customer have to purchase?

AffiliateWP is set to hold a 14-day window from when a customer clicks your link to our site to when they make a purchase. Any purchase within this 14 days will be credited to your affiliate account, unless the customer has clicked a different Aquapac affiliate’s link since clicking yours, or deleted their cookies. If they delete their cookies we have no way to track them, sorry.