Instructions for Wet & Dry Backpacks

To Seal the Main Bag


Care Instructions

Our materials are strong but can still be punctured. Avoid sharp or abrasive objects and protect from impacts. Consider carrying Puncture Patches in your bag, to repair any damage.

After regular contact with chlorinated or salt water, or with sun creams, wash in soapy water and then rinse with fresh water. Do not use bleach, alcohol or proprietary cleaners.


The Yellow Bag

The internal bag is attached with a zipper so you can detach it from the main bag if you want.


The Back Support

There’s a hidden pocket in the back of the pack. Tear open the Velcro® and you’ll find a back support which you can slide out and use as a seat on rocks or wet grass.

You can also use this pocket for a small hydration bladder (click here to learn more).


The Waist Strap

You can detach the waist strap altogether if you don’t need it. That’s why there are side release buckles on each end rather than just one in the middle.


The Sternum Strap

Slide the strap that goes around your chest up and down in the shoulder straps till you find the most comfortable position.


Carabiner Lashes

The little holes all over the shoulder straps are there so you can attach gear with the carabiner supplied.