Sponsor: Ben Sadd – filmmaker

Benjamin is an award-winning filmmaker and cameraman.

Aquapac first supported him on an Amazon adventure which led to the making of the film DugOut, which among other things won Best in Show at the 2017 Adventure Travel Film Festival, the Special Jury Award at the 2018 Mountain Film Festival and Best Film at 2018 Expedition Camera.

We are now supporting his filming of the mission to rescue the worlds rarest bird, the Madagascar Pochard, for the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust.

As an adventure filmmaker, Ben combines a passion for beautiful places and wildlife with a fascination for how our experience is shaped by our environment. Ben is continually exploring the potential of adventure filmmaking to not only show human acts of heroism – conquering rivers or mountains – but also to raise awareness of environmental issues in the wilderness that we love.

Web: Benjamin Sadd