Drybags are super-durable and are designed specifically to hold a variety of different belongings, keeping them safe and dry. Drybags are perfect for all kinds of outdoor enthusiasts, including water sports and boating, as well as kayaking trips, canoeing, mountain bike trips and camping. 

What Are Dry Bags?

A drybag is a very simple product! It’s a waterproof pack that is most commonly to keep your belongings safe and dry. Drybags can be used to keep your things dry, as the name implies, or can be used to contain wet clothes and gear to stop it getting all over the rest of your belongings. You can also buy our Pack Dividers to separate your belongings inside a dry bag, for instance, wet from dry items or clean from dirty things. Smaller drybags (or dry sacks, as they’re sometimes known) can also be clipped onto the outside of your backpacks

Why Choose a Drybag or Dry Sack?

Dry Bags and dry sacks are incredibly durable and can last you for a long time before needing to be replaced. All you need to do to create a watertight seal in your drybag is to roll the top down at least three times before clipping the buckles together to secure it. The majority of drybags, including all of the models available at Aquapac, use a roll top closure mechanism, rather than zip lock seals or a traditional zipper. This is for a few different reasons:  
  • Roll top closures are naturally more durable than zipper closures. They don’t split, get caught, snag, get blown out or get too cold to work properly, and you won’t ever need to fiddle with it to get it to work, only for it to split when you need it most! 
  • Roll top closures are more affordable than a truly waterproof zipper. Lots of companies don’t incorporate truly “waterproof” zips and closures into their bags and packs to save on costs, instead opting for the cheaper, but less reliable, water resistant closures. That means that an actual waterproof zipper can be quite expensive, and roll top closures give you the same great level of water protection without the associated costs.
  • It’s much easier to use a roll top bag, particularly in the cold and wet conditions they’re designed for use in! You don’t need to take off your gloves or warm up your hands to seal a roll-top drybag, and it can be easily done up on the go too.
  Lots of beginner adventurers use the tried and tested ziplock freezer bag to keep their wet belongings, or to protect items they want to keep away from any dirt and moisture. While this is a super-easy and very affordable way to keep your belongings safe and dry, it isn’t always the most effective. Drybags can be very affordable, and over time they will prove to be a solid investment as you can use them again and again without worrying about them deteriorating or breaking down. Your drybag is also much more durable than a freezer bag, as it is made to last. The thicker, more technical fabric of a drybag is going to last much longer than a freezer bag and can also give your gear a bit of protection against things like thorns, branches, sharp rocks and hits from the river, lake or ocean! category photo drybag Your drybag is also a good eco-friendly choice as it means you’re making less single-use plastic waste in the long-term!

What to Keep in a Dry Bag

You can basically keep whatever you want in a drybag, but the most common things are valuables that can get damaged if they get wet - things like cameras, tablets, phones, car keys and GPSs. Important documents like passports and tickets, as well as essentials like water bottles, cash, and credit cards are also good candidates for keeping safe and secure in your drybag. You may want to use a drybag to not just protect important equipment from water, but to contain anything that is already wet too! On multiple day trips, there are always some things that’ll get wet, muddy or grimy, and a drybag is a great way to keep those things from getting all over your clean clothes or snacks!   When you’re packing your drybag, make sure that you pack heavier and bulkier items you’ll use less at the bottom, to save you from having to stop and unpack everything whenever you need your camera, for example. If you need to keep delicate or breakable things at the bottom of your bag, just be mindful when putting down your dry bag or backpack so you don’t damage them!

Who Needs A Drybag?

Drybags are incredibly versatile, which is one of the things that makes them so popular with adventurers of all kinds! They’re great for storing clean clothes for campers, backpackers and interrailers as they are small, easily foldable and lightweight. Hikers, walkers and cross-country runners can also make use of drybags to carry a wide variety of different kinds of equipment, from warm clothes, phones, cameras, radios, and water bottles to snacks, maps and valuables like your wallet and keys! Drybags with hands-free shoulder straps are also very popular with water sports enthusiasts, including kayakers, rafters, canoeists, surfers, paddleboarders, boaters and many more, as they let you carry your things safely and securely without having to worry about your bag moving around or getting lost!

Can You Swim With a Dry Bag?733 lifestyle1 drybag aquapac

Many drybags are submersible to a certain depth, but we don’t recommend swimming with them for extended periods of time. If you’re crossing a river or in a boat, drybags will be perfect to keep your belongings safe and dry, but if you’re looking for a bag to take open-water swimming, for example, a multipurpose submersible bag or pack might be the better option for you.

The Aquapac Range of Drybags

At Aquapac, we stock a range of drybags to help make it easy to get the protection you need for your gear. As well as being water-resistant, you also want your drybags to be spacious, easy to identify, small and lightweight when not in use, able to fold down so they aren’t bulky when you don’t need them and to be resilient against different weather conditions. At Aquapac, we’ve been making quality waterproof products for nearly 40 years, so we understand exactly what it is you’re looking for when buying a dry sack, whether it’s for camping, days on the beach, water sports, hiking, sailing or a whole host of other activities! 

Pack Divider Drybags

The Pack Divider Dry Sacks are a super-lightweight range of drybags that can be rolled up very small when not in use, so they won’t take up valuable space. However, when opened, this range of packs comes in a variety of sizes, suitable for the needs of any outdoor adventure enthusiast:     These bags are perfect for fitting inside backpacks or dry bags. You can pick up all four in a multipack to give reliable water protection and keep your gear safe in a variety of sizes. They can be used to organise your gear, prevent toiletries from leaking, protect your belongings from outside water, including heavy rain and stormy conditions and keep your goods safe. Made of ultra-lightweight, easily transportable nylon, when in use these packs are translucent to help you see inside and organise your things accordingly. They also come with bright colours on the base, making them easy to find among a group’s luggage, and to help differentiate between sizes if you have more than one of the bags in the range. Made from high-quality materials including a 75D nylon exterior with PVC and vinyl-free silicone coating, and a PU-coated interior for double-layered protection. The Pack Divider range also features grab handles at each end, making it easy to pull them out of a full backpack, carry them around with you or to clip onto the outside of another backpack. They feature fully taped seams to make sure that even the most aggressive weather conditions don’t penetrate the bag. 002 004 008 013 front drybag aquapac If you’re looking for a top-quality dry sack that is lightweight, easy to use, and offers great value for money the Pack Divider range is perfect for you, and is great for use on backpacking trips, holidays and vacations, camping trips, paddling, sailing, and on expeditions! The Pack Divider range of drybags is storm-proof and has been tested by us against powerful water jets for an extended period to make sure that we’re offering a quality product. This means that these bags will easily be able to withstand splashes, heavy rain and sea-mist, but that you should avoid submerging them as much as possible.

Heavyweight Waterproof Drybags

If you’re looking for something that can give you a bit more protection without having to worry about too much additional weight or bulk, our Heavyweight range of drybags will be right up your alley. This range of drybags is a bit more heavy-duty than the Pack Divider range, and is designed for use outside of a backpack, as well as in one. This range of drybags comes with the same roll-top buckle closure but also comes with a convenient shoulder strap, so you can easily take it with you when you’re out and about on trails or in the water. This makes it super-comfortable to wear cross-body, leaving your hands free to get on with the important stuff! This style of dry bag is very popular with water sports enthusiasts as it is lightweight, versatile enough to hold all the essentials and fits securely over the body when you’re carrying it, making it practical even when you’re kayaking, boating, paddle boarding, canoeing or even swimming. This range of drybags is available in 7 litres, 15 litres or 25 litres, to suit every adventure! 733 front drybag aquapac  
  • Made from Trailproof™ heavyweight vinyl to keep your belongings safe from water but also from bangs, scrapes and knocks. This tough, 500D vinyl exterior is waterproof against heavy spray as well as being UV resistant and effective from 0 Celsius to 50 Celsius!
  • Available in two bright colours (Acid Green or Cool Blue) making it easy to spot in a group!
  • Comes with convenient shoulder straps as well as a buckle clasp which can be used as a carry handle.
  • A simple, effective design keeps your things safe and dry without the need for any bells and whistles!
  • Featuring a classic drybag roll top seal that is easy to use in the cold and rain, as well as being effectively watertight.

Waterproof First Aid Kit Bag

174 lifestyle1 waterproof first aid kit drybag The most important thing to consider when you’re planning your next adventure is the safety of you and everyone around you. Especially for extreme sports enthusiasts and adventurers, it’s so important to make sure that you have all the right safety gear and equipment with you in case anything was to go wrong. Our Waterproof First Aid Kit Bag is a small, heavy-duty drybag that will keep your medical essentials safe and secure so that they’re ready if you need them. This drybag is small, secure and offers your equipment great protection, not just from the rain and the elements, but also from branches, thorns, sharp rocks and more. This drybag features:  
  • A bright and distinctive red colour, with a clear first-aid graphic to make it easy to pick out when you need it.
  • Welded seams provide an extra level of protection at weak points, while tough 500D vinyl protects from knocks, bumps and scrapes.
  • The classic roll-top closure makes it easy to open and close quickly in an emergency.

Get Professional-Grade Drybags to Protect Your Belongings with Aquapac

Our Aquapac Warranty and Returns Policy

At Aquapac, we are incredibly confident in the quality of our drybags, backpacks and waterproof cases, which is why offer drybags. This means we can fix or replace any product that, because of a manufacturing defect or sub-par materials, doesn’t meet the high standards you expect from your Aquapac dry sack. Since 1983 we’ve been in the business of sourcing, designing and manufacturing waterproof cases and bags for a variety of different purposes. We’re one of the UK’s longest-standing producers and sellers of waterproof cases and goods, a legacy we are incredibly proud of. In the last 30 years, we have sold over 5 million premium cases and covers to help keep our customer's equipment and trusted belongings safe and protected from the elements. 735 lifestyle1 drybag aquapac We know that when you’re looking for quality waterproofing, you need something that will last you more than just a small shower! Our drybags are a minimum of IPX6 certified, and have been rigorously tested in our London factory to make sure that they can stand up to the harsh conditions you need protection from.  To ensure that all the goods that leave our warehouse are of the highest quality and that our customers get the great products they want from Aquapac, we also have an outstanding quality-control process. We’re very proud of our heritage, but we also know that to remain at the forefront of our industry, we need to be testing, adapting, improving and innovating every day to create products that are better quality, longer-lasting, more protective, more practical and offer better value for money to our customers. From aesthetic design to better waterproofing, we’re always looking for ways to improve our products and make sure that our customers get the best quality gear every time with Aquapac.