WaterProof multipurpose cases

For more than 35 years, Aquapac has been manufacturing professionally designed, high-quality waterproof bags, packs and covers to keep you and your gear safe and secure. We use state of the art manufacturing technology in all our products, which has helped to make us one of the most trusted providers of waterproof cases internationally.

Pick a Professional Waterproof Travel Pouch with Aquapac

We’ve been operating since 1983, making us one of the longest-standing manufacturers and sellers of waterproof cases and products in the world, a legacy we’re incredibly proud of. We’ve sold more nearly six million quality cases and covers since then to help keep our customer’s gear and trusted belongings safe and secure out on the water or outdoors. Over nearly 40 years, there have been so many developments in the industry, from new materials and advances in waterproofing tech to whole new categories of products you need to protect! Of course, phones, tablets and other tech products weren’t around when we first developed Aquapac waterproof cases, so we make it a priority to stay ahead of the curve in the industry. MPC70 MAX LAKEKAYAK1

Feel Confident in Your Purchase with the Aquapac Warranty

We know when you’re looking for quality waterproofing, you need something that will last you more than just a small shower! Our Multi-purpose ranges have been designed and tested under a variety of different conditions, to make sure we’re offering you protection against water damage, sand, dust, salt and much more. All products in all our multipurpose ranges are submersible up to 30ft/10m. We work hard to make sure that we live up to our reputation with every product we sell, including testing, checking and adapting our products and product details all the time to make sure they’re as effective as possible, whether that’s improving durability, comfort, waterproofing or any other elements we can to create a long-lasting product that works perfectly every time you need it. We’re very proud of the exceptional workmanship that goes into each and every one of the products to come out of our London factory, which is why we offer a five-year warranty on our waterproof cases, including all our waterproof multipurpose ranges. This means that we’ll repair or replace any case that doesn’t live up to our high standards because of a manufacturing defect or sub-par materials. We have an exceptional quality-control process to make sure that all the products that leave our warehouse are of the highest quality and that our customers get the great products they expect from Aquapac.  We also offer a fuss-free, no quibble returns policy. If you change your mind about your purchase for whatever reason, you have 30 working days (six calendar weeks!) to request a return and refund.

Discover Aquapac’s Waterproof Multipurpose Cases

There are now four ranges of multi-purpose cases available from Aquapac, including the TOPO range. The multipurpose nature of these covers means that you can use them for anything you need to protect and take with you, not just one specific product. All of the cases in these ranges also come either with an adjustable carry cord, belt or shoulder strap to always keep your valuables safe and close to you.
  1. The Classic range has been around for over 30 years in various guises but it has now been extended to seven sizes. The advantage is these cases have a semi-transparent exterior to allow you to see what is inside the cases, even when they are sealed. 
  2. The Topo range a group of nine high-quality waterproof, multipurpose cases designed for whatever you need! These have a distinctive black with red stripe design. Products in the TOPO range also have inside pockets for all eight larger cases. Practical for all kinds of explorers, avid travellers and water sports lovers, there’s something for everyone in the TOPO range. 
  3. The Wave range comes in six different sizes and is specially designed in a marine blue colour to appeal to people engaged in water sports, boating and going to the beach. 
  4. The Contour range of multipurpose waterproof cases is available in four different sizes in an olive-green colour with a contoured design for hikers, trekkers, climbers and walkers or ramblers.
  topoAll the water-resistant products in these ranges come with a variety of quality product details, including our award-winning Aquaclip sealing system. The TOPO range also stands out in a smart red and black colourway, with the range’s signature topographic print.
  • The Keymaster [or the Ben in the Topo Range - The smallest case in the ranges, the product details for this travel pouch still offer you versatility and quality! Perfect for days and excursions where you don’t want, or can’t carry any extra bulk, the Keymaster offers you a safe, dry space to store the essentials. It’s been a favourite with surfers for over a decade as it is waterproof up to 50m or 150’ and fits under your wetsuit comfortably. Perfect for a credit card and keys, you don’t have to worry about losing the things that are the most difficult to replace, and with our waterproof cases, you can be sure that The Keymaster will protect its contents from sand, water, mud and more whether you’re climbing, hiking, kayaking or simply spending a day at the beach!
  • El Capitan - For all the convenience of small waterproof phone pouches, while still being able to look after your valuables, you can’t beat El Capitan! This small case is 115 x 190mm, perfectly sized for an average smartphone and a passport, keys, credit cards or tickets. Available in four different designs, including the Classic version which enables you to see what you are storing inside, or in three other designs where the case is completely opaque to keep your valuables safe from prying eyes and to make sure your gear doesn’t get mixed up with anyone else!
  • Olympus - Perfect for the slightly techier among us, the Olympus will easily hold and protect larger smartphones and offers you a bit more space than El Capitan without becoming too bulky. Available also in four designs, all the multipurpose waterproof cases, Olympus is made from biodegradable TPU, meaning you can feel good about cutting down on your plastic waste while in the great outdoors! This combined with the durability of our waterproof cases makes the multi-purpose ranges a very eco-friendly choice for hikers, skiers, climbers, cross country runners and outdoor enthusiasts alike. As well as the biodegradable casing, all the hard plastic in our cases is made from ABS plastic, which can be very easily recycled, so there is no single-use plastic in the TOPO range.
  • The Debbie - Perfect for adventurers who want to take things a bit further, this waterproof belt pouch will be your companion on extreme water sports trips, hikes and trekking expeditions alike! Available in all black, Contour green or Wave blue. This small to medium size case can fit all the essentials, plus a few extras! Perfect to hold a small credit card wallet or cash, smartphone and keys, plus a passport, map, tickets or small cameras, The Debbie will be essential for you on most adventures. The Debbie also comes with an adjustable belt and carry cord so you can wear it however you like!
  • Fuji - Taller and slimmer than the Debbie, our Fuji waterproof case is available in the Classic or Topo ranges and is perfect for maps, passports, tickets and other important documents while you’re out adventuring. With an internal pocket to fit cash and credit cards, as well as enough room for all the essentials, Fuji will easily keep your perishable documents safe and dry, with high-frequency welded seams to ensure no water can get in around the sides and tor revolutionary AQUACLIP seal to keep everything secure, while still accessible. One of the great things about the TOPO range is that these products will float if you drop it in water provided there’s some air in the case. This makes it ideal for water sports enthusiasts, including kayakers, boaters, paddle boarders, surfers and many more!
  • Matterhorn - Matterhorn is the smallest of the shoulder worn cases in the Classic, Topo, Contour and Wave ranges, offering you convenience, security and plenty of space for essentials! Matterhorn allows you to store a small first-aid kit, passports, maps, a smaller tablet, smartphones and more in a hands-free package. The larger 3-clip AQUACLIP mechanism is just as watertight as our smaller models, making it adept for even the most extreme water sports fans! The Matterhorn shoulder bag is submersible up to 10 metres like the rest of the products in the multi-purpose ranges to keep your medium-sized tech products safe no matter what thrills you’re seeking!
  • Mont Blanc - When you’re looking at longer treks, multi-day hikes or more serious adventuring, keeping things light, yet still protected is key. Our larger packs, including the Mont Blanc, are perfect for excursions where you need a bit more gear on your side, or for those of us who like to be a bit more prepared wherever we go! Able to fit tablets, smartphones maps, guides and books, you’ll have all the information you need before you set off, and don’t have to worry about any of your belongings getting lost, left behind or damaged by the elements! Available in the Classic, Topo and Wave ranges.
  • Kilimanjaro - Kilimanjaro measures 350 x 230mm and is super spacious, but still very lightweight, making it ideal for all kinds of adventurers. Kilimanjaro is an excellent hands-free option that can carry the essentials, and then some! Available in the Classic and Wave ranges. With enough space for a small laptop or large tablet, smartphone, essential documents, small snacks and even light clothing, this shoulder case is perfect for all kinds of outdoor enthusiasts. The shoulder strap is also removable and can be replaced by a handle for flexibility and convenience.
  • Everest - The largest product in the TOPO range, the Everest Extra Large Waterproof Shoulder Case is ideal for being prepared on longer journeys. Featuring the distinctive red and black topographic design, innovative biodegradable TPU outer and temperature resistance ranging from -20 degrees Celsius to 50 degrees Celsius, the Everest can take you and plenty of useful gear wherever you want to go. It is designed to be worn as either a backpack or on the shoulder. It is probably the only IPX8 [down to 10m/30’] waterproof backpack in the world!

Why Do I Need A Waterproof Case Anyway?

Today, as smartphones, tablets and other technology become increasingly important, you need to be able to protect your gear from rain, dust, mud sand and any other materials that might damage your communication devices. We’re lucky to live in a time where hiking, water sports, sailing and travel of all kinds are becoming much safer, and smartphones and communication devices are a big reason for that! With a waterproof case, sailing, kayaking, paddle boarding and water sports enthusiasts can be out in the ocean and still be able to get in touch with someone in case of an emergency, with peace of mind that your devices will work when you need them to! As well as for safety, it’s just so much easier to keep your things in a waterproof multipurpose case! You don’t need to worry about losing your essentials at the bottom of a backpack, and you can keep everything safe from wind, rain, sweat, sand and more! Even if you’re an old-school map enthusiast, you still need to be able to keep your navigational equipment safe and dry, and particularly with our large packs and cases, you can get the best of both worlds! Our larger cases also allow you to carry clothing and food in a safe, dry environment too! MPC70 SOR HIKING2

Picking the Right Waterproof Case for Your Needs

When it comes to choosing the right multipurpose waterproof case for you, you need to consider a few important factors. There are nine different sizes in the four different ranges available to help you get the perfect waterproof case for your needs, and you can check out our online size guide below for more info on the right version for you:
  • The Keymaster [or Ben] is 85 x 130mm - perfect for Credit cards and keys
  • El Capitan is 115 x 190mm and easily fits a phone and passport
  • Olympus is 130 x 230mm and secures a larger phone, passports and more
  • Fuji is 150 x 295mm easily holds a larger phone, small map and passports
  • The Debbie is 150 x 200mm, carry cord or belt-worn, and can hold keys, passports and tickets
  • Matterhorn is 200 x 250mm, making it perfect for a 10in tablet, maps and smaller books
  • Mont Blanc is 250 x 320mm and can protect a 12in tablet as well as trail essentials including food, light clothing
  • Kilimanjaro is 350 x 230mm and can fit food, clothes and a small laptop
  • Everest is 350 x 430mm and is the largest pack in the TOPO range. Everest can hold binoculars, clothes, food and magazines, among other outdoor essentials

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