WaterProof iPad and tablet cases

Waterproof tablet cases for every model, from the smallest like ipad Mini, through to beasts like the iPad Pro 12.7 - we've got them all covered. Waterproof your tablet and take calls, type, photo and video through the case. Full warranty. Easy returns.

Why Aquapac is your number one choice for waterproof tablet cases

Ever since Aquapac launched in 1983, protecting your devices and valuables from the weather has been our focus. Aquapac were the originators of professional quality outdoor and waterproofing safety and have been a producer of waterproof bags and cases that are depended on internationally for almost forty years. We have led the industry forward in the time since, including in our manufactured products for tablet waterproof safety.

We check, test and improve everything we do from our own factory here in London. You know that when you choose Aquapac, you get a waterproof tablet case that works and that will always keep the tablet safe - not just in damp weather, but also when fully submerged. That's how we work here at Aquapac, and we work with professionals around the world, supplying them with the waterproofing they need to keep critical equipment safe and functional. You're getting a professional-grade product when you select an Aquapac waterproof tablet case.

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Of course, tablets didn't exist when we began making waterproof cases for professionals in 1983. It's certainly true that if one thing has changed the most in electronic communication since we began nearly 40 years ago, it is the way in which mobile phones and tablets have taken the world by storm. We have not only held pace as visionary fast-thinkers in the industry, but have moved forward to maintain our position at the forefront of design and technology in waterproofing. We are never complacent here at Aquapac and are always finding new ways to develop our products and to support our customers through their adventures.

That's why we have in stock such a comprehensive range of waterproof cases for tablets, all manufactured and tested here in London at our factory. Aquapac has your needs covered, with a range of four cases to fit all models precisely, with features available for you to enjoy the ideal case to keep your tablet safe from water damage while still remaining full functional.


Our fantastic range of waterproof tablet cases

If you need to keep your tablet dry and protected against the elements, then you have come to the right place here at Aquapac. We have a comprehensive range of waterproof tablet cases that covers every model on the market. Whether you are handling a smaller tablet like one of the iPad Minis, or you're taking a much larger iPad Pro 12.7 out on the water and outdoors with you, rest assured that we've got you covered. 

Our range doesn't just cover all iPads and Amazon tablet models. They have been built for professional use, living up to the highest expected standards of waterproofing. And if the professionals rely on only the very best to protect their equipment in critical situations, then why should you settle for anything less? These cases are perfect for taking your tablet out on the water when sailing, windsurfing, kayaking or anything else, as well as being mud, dust and sand proof for long trips in the wilderness.

  Our tablet cases all include full touch screen functionality while boasting industry-leading waterproof protection. With a full warranty and easy returns, there's no reason not to take advantage of our excellent waterproof tablet pouches and cases.   
  • The Waterproof iPad Mini and Kindle Case

If you are looking for a case that will keep your smaller tablet safe, then this is likely the model for you. The Waterproof iPad Mini and Kindle Case will protect a range of smaller electronic devices and tablets, including the iPad Mini, the Amazon Kindle 3, and some Sony Readers.

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What makes this case a step above others on the market? Well, it's been designed with our signature and award winning Aquaclip sealing technology. Combine this with extremely tough welded seams, and you have an IPX8 rated case - meaning that whether you just want to take your tablet outside when it's wet, take it to read by the beach or by a pool, or even if you want to take it out on the ocean when sailing, this case will keep your tablet safe. The IPX8 rating means that even if you submerge your tablet in water, even down to 10m/30’, it will remain protected. 

The best part? While protecting your device from water, your tablet will remain fully functional inside this case. Your touchscreen will be unaffected, allowing you to continue using your tablet unimpeded, and there is a transparent lens window on the back of the case - meaning that you can use both the front and rear facing cameras while keeping your tablet dry. 

  • The Waterproof iPad Pro Case - Landscape 12.7 Inch

If you need something to protect your 12.7 inch iPad Pro in all conditions, then look no further than our specifically designed Waterproof iPad Pro Case - Landscape 12.7 Inch. Made to snugly fit the dimensions of this iPad model, you really don't need to search for any other case if this is your tablet of choice.  Boasting an impressive IPX8 waterproof rating, this is a fully submersible case for your iPad, meaning you don't just need to feel safe in the rain, but even if you go overboard too. 

It's no good having a perfectly safe and dry tablet if you need to remove it from the case to use it, putting it in harm's way. That's why we designed this case to offer full touch screen functionality during use - you can keep enjoying all inches of your tablet screen display size while you have the peace of mind of knowing it is safe from dust, dirt and water. Just take a look at some of our excellent reviews below to find out how people have come to rely upon this case to keep their iPad Pro protected. 

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But what if you want to take photos and videos on your adventure? We have you covered. This case doesn't just protect your device against water, it also allows for HD video through its LENZFLEX optically-clear and transparent windows. While you can't use your touchscreen underwater (the water breaks the circuit), you will still be able to use your volume buttons to capture some fantastic underwater photographs and videos. Designed to fit the iPad Pro 12.7 inch tablet, it also works perfectly well with 10-inch tablets such as the new iPad Pro 9.7 inch model. 

This piece of waterproof gear also allows full use of your Apple Pencil. It is a 100% PVC-free piece of equipment with high-frequency welded seams and the signature Aquaclip sealing technology, earning it an impressive IPX8 waterproof rating - meaning that it is fully submersible up to 30 feet (or ten meters). Our Aquaclip seals also allow for easy access - you simply need to quickly twist the four swivel locks to open and close the case. And the entire case stays together when open, so it doesn't just waterproof, but fool proofs your tablet case too. 

  • The Waterproof iPad Pro Case - Portrait 12.7 Inch

Much like the landscape version of this case, the Waterproof iPad Pro Case - Portrait 12.7 Inch is designed to snugly fit the dimensions of your iPad Pro model while offering screen technology that keeps touch screens completely functional while in use and keeping your device safe. 

So what's the main difference? Well, as well as keeping your beloved tablet safe with waterproof and dirtproof protection, the tablet mounts are found at the top of your tablet on this case. Whether you're looking for an ideal beach companion, want to use your tablet in the bathtub, or are planning on taking this valuable device on a long mountain hike, you may prefer carrying this case around your neck in a way that makes it easier to use in a way you like when on the move, then this case might be the perfect fit for you. 

Keeping your tablet safe from rain, water, dust, sand, dirt and snow, this case is ideal in all weathers and for all adventures. Much like the landscape version of this case, it comes with full touch screen functionality and a LENZFLEX transparent window so that you can keep using your treasured tablet to browse and take photos and videos while on the go. While the touchscreen won't work underwater, you can still use the volume buttons to take amazing underwater captures. 

This is thanks to the excellent IPX8 waterproof rating - a result of our dedication to designing a wide range of professional-grade products. With welded seams and seals that are built using our award winning Aquaclip technology, this case is fully submersible up to 30 feet (or ten meters) in water. Want to find out more? Simply check out our product description and customer reviews for more information about why this is the case for you. 

  • The Waterproof iPad Case 9.7-10.5 Inch

If you are currently packing a slightly smaller tablet, then this case could be perfect for you. While we have the Mini case for the smallest tablets around, the Waterproof iPad 9.7-10.5 Inch case is perfect for iPads with those precise dimensions but is also a fantastic choice for many smaller tablets (including Amazon Kindles). Need a way to keep your device safe in the bathtub, by the pool or beach, or even on a boat? This is the case for you. 

Using our patented and award winning Aquaclip seals and high frequency welded seams, this case earns the highest waterproof rating of IPX8 - meaning it is fully submersible underwater. Your touchscreen will work perfectly well while in use - except underwater, where the circuit is broken - and the LENZFLEX transparent rear window allows for stunning HD underwater photographs and videos (which you can still use your volume buttons to control). 

This case fits many tablets, including iPads that are 9.7-10.5 inches wide, the Samsung Galaxy Tab E9.6/S2 9.7/S39.7, the Acer Chromebook, the Tab 10 and the Asus CT100. For larger iPad pros, check out our larger cases, and for the iPad Mini we also have our mini case too. Take a look at our product details to find out more. 

How will I know what size tablet case I need?

With several professional grade waterproof cases for tablets as part of our wide range of products here at Aquapac, you may be wondering how you can figure out exactly which case will fit your device? After all, there are plenty of tablets on the market now, from the iPad Air to the Pixel Slate and more. There are more than eleven different iPad's on the market now - and the last thing you want to is to finally get your hands on a quality Aquapac case, only to discover that it doesn't actually fit your device. Fortunately, we've got you covered. 

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With so much on offer, it can become a little bit confusing at times. That's why we put together our very own size guide for you to reference when shopping for a new case. Our size guide is incredibly comprehensive, covering not just tablets, but smartphones, radios, cameras and more too. Our guide covers all the major brands including Apple, Samsung, Amazon, Google, Canon, Motorola and many more. Whether your valuable device is just a mini piece of kit for convenience or is a chunky piece of gear, we have everything you need to enjoy full waterproofing protection. 

Our guide covers every major model to make things as convenient as possible for you. However, if you are still not sure which case is right for you after browsing our size guide, all you need to do is get in touch Aquapac today to speak to a member of our friendly and helpful team. No one in the industry has more experience than us, and we're always on hand for a chat about how our products might be able to help keep your things safe. 

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