Full Catalogues

You can download our full catalogues for [Leisure] and [Professional] here. These are PDF files so you can share with customers or print for your own use.


All of our product barcode numbers are [available for reference here]. Our packaging has them printed on, but if you need them for adding to your stock database this list is available for UPC-A and EAN type barcodes.

Packaged Weights

All of our products’ packaged weights are available for [download here], which can be useful if you need to calculate shipping or stockholding for your store.

About Our Packaging

Wherever possible we avoid using any plastic in our in-store packaging. Almost all of it is made from 100%-recyclable boxboard. On a couple of drybags we had to use polypropylene for strength – but that’s recyclable.

Most packs are designed so the customer can examine the products and feel the quality of the material without having to take them out of cartons, which are easily damaged. We found that using boxes didn’t work because most customers like to touch the product before purchase.

Larger bags come with swing tickets.

SKUs shipped from our warehouse will be in polybags to prevent damage in transit and stock-loading

Planogram Dimensions

You can download a list of dimensions for how much space each product takes up on your wall/shelf [here]. We try not to make the packaging much bigger than the flat product.

POP/POS Materials

Ask your [Aquapac representative] for more details of these and other in-store support materials. You can use the Get in Touch form up the page on the right hand side.

Image Library

We have a full image library for use on your website, in store or catalogues. Contact [email protected] for access to the most suitable version.