Isn’t my phone waterproof already?

phone dropping in waterApple phones since the iPhone 7 have been rated as water-resistant when they are new, but this resistance wears off with use. Click here for details.

Samsung phones are a little more waterproof than iPhones but are not suitable for use in salt water. Click here for details.

You will need a waterproof case if you want to:

  • Go into the sea or salt water
  • Use the phone properly when it’s wet (the microphone can get water in it, making you very quiet)
  • Use a chipped, cracked or old phone in or near water
  • To do watersports like surfing, jet-skiing, wake boarding or rafting
  • To stop your phone from corroding, both externally and internally
  • Use your phone in the shower
  • Use your phone in the hot tub or sauna.

A lot of our customers tell us that they still use an Aquapac with a water-resistant phone – for the peace of mind you get from having that extra level of protection.